December 1, 2016

Dermaplaning: A Better Way to Exfoliate Your Face

For Women, Facial Shaving Can Make Skin Glow



Celebrities seem to possess naturally glowing skin, luscious locks and wide-awake eyes—partly because of their good genes, partly due to their amazing makeup and hair stylists and partly because of some very well-kept Hollywood’s skin secrets, like dermaplaning.  Chances are, even if you haven’t heard of this simple but effective form of exfoliation, you’ve seen the results.

What is dermaplaning?*

There are literally a zillion different ways to exfoliate your skin (scrubs, chemical peels, Japanese sponges — the list goes on and on), but dermaplaning tends to work best because of its ability to promote deeper and more even penetration of the skin. In a dermaplaning treatment, a trained technician uses a 10-gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of your dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair, revealing an immediate luminous glow that lasts a week.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a favorite in the entertainment industry, specifically among models and actresses, for several reasons:

  • Dermaplaning eliminates annoying peach fuzz that cakes with makeup and can be enhanced by harsh production lighting and high-definition cameras. Removing all those fine hairs means doing away with trapped debris and oil that dulls the skin. Dermaplaning creates a smooth canvas so makeup glides on effortlessly.
  • Demaplaning removes the dead layer of cells that build up on the surface of your skin and cause acne and a dull appearance. Reducing this layer immediately reveals a more radiant and youthful texture and tone and leaves your face ultra smooth and baby soft.
  • Dermaplaning is powerful yet gentle and doesn’t use any chemicals. It doesn’t require any downtime or have any side effects.
  • Dermaplaning allows for greater penetration and absorption of skincare products, increasing their efficacy.
  • Dermaplaning prepares skin for more advanced procedures such as microneedling, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels to increase their effectiveness.
  • Dermaplaning has long-term benefits including faster cell turnover, a reduction in wrinkles, dark spots and acne scarring and overall smoother skin

Who is a good candidate for dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning can be performed on all skin types.

Dermaplaning is also a great treatment for women who are pregnant or nursing that desire deep exfoliation without the risk of harsh chemicals.

The only contraindications to dermaplaning include an allergy to nickel, numerous raised lesions on the skin and inflamed acne. For those with active acne breakouts, dermaplaning can be performed once the active pustules have healed.

What can I expect during my dermaplaning treatment?

Dermaplaning should always be done by an experienced and qualified professional.

First, a trained aesthetician will thoroughly cleanse and dry your skin. Then, she will pull an area of your skin taut with one hand, and hold a sterile 10-gauge blade at a 45-degree angle in the other hand and use short, swift, upward strokes to gently scrape off dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The entire process is done on dry skin. This helps maximize exfoliation and the removal of fine hairs.

What does dermaplaning feel like?

Dermaplaning is a painless, gentle procedure. The sensation is similar to shaving your legs.

Will my hair grow back heavier after Dermaplaning?

No. Many women are often concerned that dermaplaning will make facial hair grow back darker and thicker. This is a misconception. Superficial vellus hair (clear or white soft fine facial hair) will grow back at the same rate and with the same texture as before the treatment.

How long does the Dermaplaning treatment take?

The treatment will take about 30 minutes.

Are there any side effects to dermaplaning?

There are no side effects when you see a qualified aesthetician. Since a small blade is used, there is a risk of getting small nicks if the procedure is not performed correctly.

Is there any downtime after dermaplaning?

There is no downtime. However, your skin can be more sun sensitive after the treatment and may appear a little pink. So, be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to reduce any risk of hyperpigmentation.

What is the recommended interval between treatments?

Dermaplaning removes 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells. So, it’s best to allow the skin to complete its normal rejuvenation cycle before the next treatment. We recommend the treatment every 3-4 weeks.

Which areas can be treated with dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is performed only on the face.

What is the difference between dermaplaning and microdermabrasion or dermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion sands and suctions dead skin cells, which also helps to uproot clogged pores around the nose, mouth and chin.

Dermabrasion is a medical procedure in which the skin is abraded down to the dermis using a whisk-like device. There are many complications associated with dermabrasion, including infections and scarring, which is why it is no longer commonly used.

Dermaplaning involves a simple shaving of the epidermis.

What treatments can be performed right after dermaplaning to enhance the results?

At Serenity MedSpa, we recommend adding on the Probiotic Youth Boost™ from Glowbiotics MD to enhance your dermaplaning results.

Probiotic Youth Boost


What is Probiotic Youth Boost?

The GLOWBIOTICS MD PROBIOTIC YOUTHBOOST is a professional probiotic facial treatment that uses new, revolutionary and volumizing probiotic technology designed to create healthier skin from within. It features the youth-boosting powers of topical probiotic bioactives to promote stronger, healthier-looking skin.

Our clinical treatment is aligned with the GLOWBIOTICS MD philosophy of avoiding injury to the skin while helping to restore a resilient, youthful complexion. The PROBIOTIC YOUTHBOOST treatment can be used to replenish, strengthen and rebuild the skin in between other treatments and also to enhance the efficacy of your at-home skincare regimen.

How does the Probiotic Youth Boost work?

  • Helps balance the pH and microflora of the skin to support the skin’s protective barrier
  • Initiates a highly potent and complex wound response, without the side effects of an actual wound
  • Activates skin’s own antibiotic peptides called defensins with powerful proliferative, antimicrobial and soothing properties
  • Optimizes collagen and elastin levels to help increase the appearance of skin volume

Does the Probiotic Youth Boost Treatment have any downtime?

There is no downtime with this treatment. There is no excessive peeling and the treatment is painless.

What kind of results can I expect with the Probiotic Youth Boost Treatment?

You can expect instant brightening, detoxifying and skin tightening.

What are the long-term benefits of the Probiotic Youth Boost Treatment?

The treatment will volumize, strengthen and clarify your facial skin, making your skin overall healthier from the inside out.

Think of this innovative treatment as a RESET BUTTON for attaining healthier skin from the inside out. It’s ideal alone or in between other facial aesthetic procedures to rebuild the skin. You wouldn’t over-process thin hair so we don’t want to over-treat our delicate skin. Skin is our second largest immune organ and we need to take care of it.

What are topical probiotics that is used in Probiotic Youth Boost?

Topical probiotics are non-living molecules extracted from specific strains of body-friendly bacteria and are proven to stimulate skin immunity. Safe, biomimetic and symbiotic with the skin, this class of topical probiotics is known in the scientific community as Probiotic Derived Bioactives (PDBs).

How does Probiotic Derived Bioactive work?

The body has learned over time which bacteria strains are good and bad. Since PDBs are derived from friendly bacteria, they are readily accepted by immune cells within the skin, gently stimulating a cascade of skin repair processes, including collagen production. Without triggering an inflammatory response that is typical of most chemical peels, YOU WON’T EXPERIENCE PEELING, REDNESS OR IRRITATION TO SEE RESULTS!


What other anti-aging benefits can I expect to see from the Probiotic Youth Boost Treatment?

  • Healthy glow from enhanced oxygen uptake
  • Increased skin immunity
  • Antioxidant activity combats free radical damage
  • Reduction in the appearance of photodamage
  • Reduction in the appearance of inflammation
  • Reduction in the appearance of uneven pigmentation

Will my skin be more sensitive after the treatment?

You may experience up to five days of sensitivity until your skin’s pH is re-balanced. Immediately after the treatment, the skin will appear healthier with a rosy glow. The skin will also feel tighter and slightly tingly or itchy. This feeling quickly dissipates.

Are there any side effects from this treatment?

This bioactive treatment may induce a purging effect depending on the condition of your skin. While there is virtually no downtime, some patients with acne or more toxic skin may experience a breakout or several days of a bumpy, rash-like appearance. This is a healthy process and simply means that the skin is pushing out toxins while generating new collagen. After this process subsides, the skin looks and feels healthier.

What are the key ingredients in the Probiotic Youth Boost?

  • Volumizing: Probiotic Derived Bioactives from lactobacillus acidophilus and beta glucan
  • Keratolytic + hydrating: 20% lactic acid
  • Antimicrobial: Lauric acid
  • Brightening: Licorice root extract and vitamin C

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