March 19, 2015


Acne affects people of many different ages and many different skin types. If you are a patient in the San Francisco, San Mateo and surrounding California areas and want to take control of your acne, Serenity MedSpa offers Isolaz.*

What is Isolaz?

Isolaz is a unique acne treatment that combines a vacuum and broadband light to deep cleanse and purify your pores from the inside out. Isolaz is a painless treatment that can treat your acne without downtime or oral medication.

How does Isolaz work?

Isolaz is the world’s only aesthetic technology that combines vacuum with a broadband light to deliver effective acne treatment:

  • Pore Cleansing: Vacuum helps loosen and extract dirt, blackheads and excess oil from deep within your pores.
  • Broadband Light: Helps destroy acne causing bacteria, as well as reducing facial redness.

This effective acne light treatment, is based on Photopneumatics™ (Photo = Light, Pneumatics = vacuum), a proprietary technology available only with Isolaz treatments.

What can I expect at my Isolaz appointment?

Isolaz acne light treatments are quick, easy and painless. It does not require any topical anesthetic or special pretreatment preparation. The treatment for the face takes only about 15min; it may take a little longer for larger body areas like the back. Thus, it can even be done on your lunch break.

There is no downtime associated with the Isolaz treatment. You may return to your normal activity immediately after the treatment. In fact, you may even notice a healthier glow to your skin and feel cleaner after your Isolaz treatment.

Am I a good candidate for Isolaz?

If you experience any of the following issues, Isolaz may be right for you:

  • You have not responded to other acne treatments, including oral and topical medications and possibly even Accutane. Isolaz acne treatment have shown to benefit non-responders to other acne treatments.
  • You don’t want to take oral medication like antibiotics or Accutane (Isotretinoin) due to its side effects.
  • You break out often or you’re tired of worrying about getting a breakout – even if it’s monthly.
  • You have blackheads or dull skin and desire to have a smoother and more luminescent complexion.

If you are considering Isolaz, check out our Isolaz before and after photos.

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*Results May Vary
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