March 3, 2015

Laser Nail Fungus Removal

lnfr1Nail fungus infection is an embarrassing and a painful condition. If you are a patient looking to treat your nail fungus, Serenity MedSpa offers laser nail fungus removal using Cynosure’s PinPointe Foot Laser. PinPointe Foot Laser is one of the most effective treatments for nail fungus. Cynosure is known for quality lasers, including the popular Smartlipo device and the Cellulaze cellulite laser.

How does laser nail fungus removal work?*

When undergoing a laser nail fungus treatment, our doctors will apply a directed focused light source on to the nail that is infected. The laser nail fungus treatment will target the fungal infection in the nail and the area below. Laser nail fungus treatment will destroy the fungal infection and should be relatively painless because the nail is dead cells. The specific wavelength of the laser nail fungus treatment targets only the living fungi.

What can I expect at my laser nail fungus removal appointment?

The procedure takes about thirty minutes. Most people feel no pain, however some may feel a warming sensation or very few, a small pinprick. Laser nail fungus removal requires little to no downtime.

If you are considering laser nail fungus removal, Pinpointe Foot Laser nail fungus removal before and after photos.

*Results May Vary
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