So Long Sweat Stains: One Man’s Experience With miraDry

Date-maleWelcome back to Serenity MedSpa’s Q&A blog series, where we talk with clients and practitioners to get the inside scoop on the latest and most effective cosmetic face and body medical spa treatments.

Who: A Caucasian man in his mid 30s who heads his own financial business and is an avid runner and swimmer.

What: miraDry with Dr. Lisa at Serenity MedSpa.

Why: To permanently prevent excessive underarm sweatiness and odor.

Q. What brought you to Serenity MedSpa?

A. I definitely have more than average perspiration and was self conscious about it. Sweating  a lot can be really embarrassing at an important meeting or when you’re out with friends. No one likes to look like a sweaty mess. Because even if you’re not feeling nervous or anxious, sweat stains can make you look like you are.

Q. What else had you tried?

A. I had been seeing Dr. Lisa regularly over the past three years for Botox treatments in my underarms. The Botox shots work well, but since the effects wear off after about three months it’s not very convenient and the money really adds up over time.

Q. How did you learn about miraDry as an alternative to Botox?

A. I had no idea miraDry existed until Dr. Lisa told me about it during one of my Botox appointments and said I would be a good candidate. I completely trust her, plus the fact that it’s permanent and a lot more cost-effective than Botox made it really appealing. I figured, why not give it a try?

Q. What was the procedure like?

A. It was pretty painless overall. Numbing solution is infused into the underarms before the procedure. So all I could feel was a dull tugging sensation—a little like stitches—while the technician went over my armpits with the miraDry handpiece. But for the next three days my armpits were red and swollen. Ice and ibuprofen helped a lot. Luckily I work for myself, so I could recover comfortably at home.

Q. And the results?

A. It worked! I still sweat a tiny bit on really hot days, but one miraDry procedure has done its job plenty. At first I thought I’d definitely have a second treatment, but my results have been super consistent from day one. I don’t think I’ll need to go back.

Q. Have you told anyone?

A. I haven’t mentioned it to any of my friends, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a safe and effective, long-term solution for excessive underarm sweat.

Q. What can you do now that you couldn’t do before miraDry?

A. Before discovering Botox, I pretty much only wore black clothes. Anything else would make my sweatiness screamingly obvious. Now since having the miraDry treatment, I feel even more confident. It’s opened up more opportunities, and even though I still tend to stick to basic colors, I feel like I could wear anything now. It’s also nice to know the effects won’t wear off like they did with Botox. So that makes one less thing to worry about.

Q. Are there any added bonuses you hadn’t considered?

A. Assuming I don’t spill anything on myself during the day, I don’t have to launder my shirts as often. Now I get two—sometimes even three—uses out of a shirt. Not having to run to the dry cleaners as much saves time and money for other more interesting things.

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