Move Over Vampire, Baby’s Got Something New

Maybe you’ve already had a Vampire Facial. Or, ever since watching Kim Kardashian try out the treatment, you’ve been curious. Well, now there’s something even better: Omni Microneedling. And it leaves the Vampire in the dust.

“Omni products are a game changer,” says Dr. Lisa Kang, Serenity MedSpa co-founder. “The quality and concentration of its growth factors are much higher than we can get from the platelet-rich plasma in our own blood. This makes the microneedling treatments—whether on our face or scalp—much more effective.”

Happy, Shiny Skin

As we age, the levels of growth factors in our plasma, or PRP, drop significantly. So, the older we are, the less bang we get for our Vampire Facial buck. This is one reason we’re so excited about Omni Microneedling. Whereas the Vampire Facial relies on the growth factors in our own plasma (with a blood draw at the time of treatment), Omni Bioceutical Innovations products are derived from baby’s circumcised foreskins. Omni also selects only anti-inflammatory growth factors that help promote regeneration and healing. A series of three microneedling facial treatments spaced about a month apart is recommended to start.

Thicker, Fuller Hair

Omni has also created professional and at-home serums specifically designed to revitalize hair follicles, promote a healthy scalp and encourage hair regrowth. Clients choosing Omni Hair Microneedling will see faster results than with PRP treatments due to the much higher concentrations of specifically targeted growth factors in the Omni serum. Rather than having to wait four or more months after a PRP treatment to see results, clients who opt for Omni Hair Microneedling, combined with at-home use of the Omni Hair Restorative Complex, will notice increased growth and the start of thicker, healthier hair in as soon as six weeks. While PRP helps make existing hair thicker and fuller, the Omni treatment also slows down the thinning process, keeping the hair you have longer. In addition to being more effective, only topical numbing cream is required for Omni Microneedling and the treatments are less expensive than ACell + PRP injections. They are also virtually discomfort-free.

Continue Your Results at Home

In addition to the at-home Hair Restorative Complex, Omni has also created the Lash & Brow Vital Growth Complex to strengthen and encourage brow and lash growth without irritation or discoloration, and Restorative Daily Facial Serum and Restorative Daily Eye Serum to address skin discoloration, improve elasticity, smooth skin texture and reduce wrinkles and redness. These at-home products turn back the clock on a cellular level, making our skin and hair more youthful and vibrant from the inside out with cumulative results—rather than simply masking or temporarily improving our appearance.

To learn more about Omni Microneedling and Omni at-home products, schedule a consultation with Serenity MedSpa’s Dr. Lisa Kang. Call 415-781-9200 or email

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