March 19, 2015

Meet Our Team

Dr. Theresa Bush – Medical Micropigmentation

Dr. Theresa Bush is qualified as a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in Australia and specializes in advanced scar and skin color restoration and skin abnormalities, working in private practice with clinics in the United States and London.

Dr. Theresa Bush treats all patients with a warm, welcoming, professional, engaging attitude that instantly puts patients at ease. She delivers astounding results and loves working with individual patients.

Vicky (Fan Jin) Li – Acupuncturist

Vicky Li has over 15 years of acupuncture experience. She is a graduate of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine University, one of the top five-year universities for Chinese Medicine in China. In addition, she received further acupuncture training at the South Baylo University in California. She is a frequent speaker at the San Francisco General Hospital and a former lecturer at the Guilin Chinese Medicine School in China. She treats patients for a variety of issues including stress relief, pain management, smoking and alcohol cessation, asthma, weight control, chronic disease, post stroke pain, women’s health issues, infertility, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, depression and facial rejuvenation. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Sophie Lyapina – Nurse Injector

Sophie Lyapina is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from her native country, Russia. Sophie has worked as a medical surgical nurse at Kaiser Permanente for many years, but her true passion is in aesthetics. Sophie is a true artist in face sculpting and rejuvenation and has worked as a nurse injector for over 10 years. Seeing clients consistently over time is a source of inspiration for Sophie.

jamesJames Yoon – RN, Tattoo Removal Specialist

James Yoon is a registered nurse and certified laser tattoo removal specialist. He received his nursing degree from Santa Monica College. James is highly skilled and experienced using the most innovative, and effective lasers to remove tattoos from clients of all ethnicities. He is especially qualified to remove difficult and multi-colored tattoos. James is committed to providing the best and safest laser tattoo removal service.


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