Say Bye Bye Bruises With OcuMend

We love (LOVE!) the amazing results we see everyday from filler. But the bruising and swelling that sometimes comes with these turn-back-time injections? Not so much. Planning for days of potential downtime (especially when more sensitive areas, like under the eyes and around the mouth are treated) can be a real drag for our clients too. That’s why we’re shouting from the rooftops about the wonders of OcuMend arnica gel pads from Cearna Aesthetics.

This leading-edge nano-technology is the new gold standard in bruise prevention. OcuMend has 50 times the potency of other arnica products and is clinically proven to reduce recovery time. Each discreet, ultra-penetrating pad can be worn on the skin for up to six hours and delivers its impressive anti-inflammatory properties over a six-inch radius to help eliminate up to 90% of bruising. It’s a serious game-changer if you tend to bruise after filler treatments.

Simply place a gel pad on or near the treated area immediately after your appointment. You can move it to your neck when you leave our office, or wear it with pride. We also recommend icing and using a new OcuMend pad before bed and keeping it on overnight (the forehead is a great place because it’s flat and also close to the under-eye area) for the ultimate bruise-relief regiment.

Ask for OcuMend at the front desk at your next Serenity MedSpa appointment to make post-filler bruises a thing of the past.

*Results May Vary
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