March 3, 2015

Scar & Stretch Mark Reduction

Dr. Theresa Bush has become a well-recognized name in the field of medical micropigmentation. She offers an effective and safe treatment to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks to our Serenity MedSpa clients.*

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is the process of implanting hypoallergenic pigments below the epidermis layer of the skin for corrective procedures. The pigment stays in the skin for a number of years, breaking down and fading with time, depending on the client’s age and skin type.

Micropigmentation is used to improve the appearance of scars from liposuction, face-lifts or tummy tucks. It can be also used to improve discolorations from stretch marks, birthmarks, freckles, non-pigmented age spots, port wine stains and vitiligo.

Micropigmented skin is never a single tone or shade. (No one wants to end up looking as though they are wearing badly matched foundation.) Much of medical camouflage involves either “normalizing’” irregular skin color that has proven impervious to lasers and ultraviolet treatments, or matching damaged skin to the surrounding area so it blends naturally, rendering scars and skin imperfections inconspicuous even on close inspection.

Medical camouflage procedures demand a high degree of training and skill. Dr. Theresa Bush, a qualified and experienced specialist with an MBMS (Bachelor Medicine/Bachelor Surgery) degree and professional affiliations with leading Board Certified Cosmetic/Plastic/General Surgeons and Dermatologists personally treats all of our micropigmentation clients. Prominent plastic surgeons and dermatologists nationwide refer patients to Serenity MedSpa to get treatments from Dr. Theresa Bush.

If you are considering scar & stretch mark camouflage treatment, check out Dr. Theresa Bush’s scar & stretchmark camouflage before and after photos.

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Please note: Dr. Theresa Bush is not acting in the capacity of, or as, a diagnosing physician. In some instances, a referral from a local dermatologist may be required before treatment.

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