April 16, 2015

Written Testimonials

At Serenity Med Spa the doctors provide patients in the San Francisco, California area with exceptional quality results and excellent customer service. The doctors take pride in their work, state-of-the-art research, and their patients appreciate it. Take a look at some of our patient testimonials:


I’ve tried other MedSpas but I love Serenity the best.  I’ve been a loyal customer for the last few years.  I switched over to Serenity because their price point is reasonable and kind of a deal. Getting an appointment is easy. The services are quick and painless, and the results are fantastic.  As an added bonus, Dr. Lisa is always kind.  (Yelp 5 stars: Wendy N )

Warm and inviting atmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff. Appointment was scheduled the same day. Nurse Sophie was professional, understood question and addressed issues efficiently. Competitive prices especially for downtown San Francisco. Will recommend this spa and will come back. (Yelp 5 stars: Katarina H )

Great and easy time at Serenity!  Relaxing vibe, great professional service, from reception to treatments. The assistant that helped was really great. She was busy that day, but took great care, and made it fun. She was also able to clarify a couple of things, as she had been a patient first, before working there.
Dr. Lisa is really a seasoned professional, who has been doing this work for a long time, and completely trusted her. Great looking spa, and very organized office.
I’ll be back!! (Yelp 5 stars: Ken H )

Dr. Lisa Kang and her staff are exceptional. Amazing quality work, extremely professional, great location, great prices and the best part are the results. I moved here from LA and she rivals the best Beverly Hills medspas but at reasonable prices. Really recommend! She’s my go to now for sure. (Yelp 5 stars: Desdemona B. )

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Lisa at Serenity Spa and James (TattooBeGoneSF)! This place is the best for all sorts of beauty treatments and tattoo removal!  Dr. Lisa is a very patient, careful and talented doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great results in the wide range of treatments she offers at the Serenity Spa.  The girls on the front desk deserve 10 stars as well as the nurses.  Everyone is well-organized and professional and just very pleasant to deal with on all levels.  This group is highly efficient and consistent with the high quality services they offer. I have been to the Serenity spa numerous times now in the last few years and I have never had to wait too long and have always been treated with the utmost care and respect by everyone, while getting perfect results on the treatments that I seek from Dr. Lisa.  What I am most grateful to Dr. Lisa is the time she takes to provide the treatments and for the care and great attention she gives me each and every time I come in.  I love that she uses the stream of cold air to minimize pain and that she takes time to explain very thoroughly the procedures and go over the expected results.  She is very honest and very straight-forward which I also love about her. I am very confident in Dr. Lisa’s skills because never once I left her office feeling unhappy.  I have never had any problem or any issues after any treatment she has done for me.  I came to Dr. Lisa for IPL and laser facial, the leg spider vein removal, under eye filler and I got the most amazing results from all these treatments.  I also come to Serenity for my tattoo removal done by James.  I couldn’t be happier with the job James has done for me as well.  After 6 treatments I already got perfect results and can barely see it!  No scars, minimal pain, and perfect treatment by James.  He is truly talented.  I highly recommend Serenity spa to anyone looking for perfect results in all your beauty needs! (Yelp 5 stars: Irina B. )

GREAT experience in the new location. LOVED Sophie – she is amazing! I felt like she knew exactly what was I trying to achieve and suggested some treatments but wasn’t pressuring me to make a decision during my appointment. We talked about a more long term plan for me to have a natural, refreshed look and I can’t wait to come back! (Demandforce 5 starts: Nancy M)

The front office staff is always very friendly and efficient. They make me feel welcome and at home the whole time! Sophie was very professional and personable. Dr. Lisa set me at ease. I had complete confidence in all the professional staff. The atmosphere in both the office and the new office is extremely well designed and styled. I look forward to my next appointment! (Demandforce 5 stars: Michael G)

The staff could not be more courteous and Dr. Lisa Kang is good as they come. Can’t recommend Serenity MedSpa enough. The atmosphere is just what the name says — serene. (Demandforce 5 stars: Ken H)


I had a Botox done in Serenity MedSpa by Sophie. She is incredible! Very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. She has very good hands. I did not get any bruises and almost did not feel anything when she injected me. She gave me good recommendations. So, it all worked perfect for me! I got exactly the result I was looking for! The spa is also very nice. Great customer service! (Victoria D.)

Warm and inviting atmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff. Appointment was scheduled the same day. Nurse Sophie was professional, understood question and addressed issues efficiently. Competitive prices especially for downtown San Francisco. Will recommend this spa and will come back. (Katarina H. )

Turning 36 tomorrow and decided….to heck with it, it’s time for Botox. Dr. Lisa is amazing she asked questions and I felt very comfortable trusting her with my first Botox injections. It was painless and quick…she even threw in a few Birthday Botox units on the forehead.
I’ve had Restalyne injected by Dr. Lisa in my lips and under eyes previously and loved the results. I decided to get juvederm today in the lips after my Botox fix. Quick and easy very little bruising so far, lips are swollen but the shape looks great.
I’m so excited for everything to settle in. Great service at Serenity has started off my birthday beautifully. I went in with the birthday blues and left in birthday bliss.
**this is my first review, I signed up specifically to give this review. It’s real :)**
Many thanks!! (Yelp 5 stars: Joan C )

I went to see Joy on my birthday recently with the goal of turning 34 but looking 28! She recommended a few units of botox for the wrinkles around my eyes and a little bit on the bags under my eyes. While I’m deathly afraid of needles (especially when it’s right next to my eyeball), Joy’s relaxing bedside manner kept me at ease the whole time.
Now a week later I’m totally starting to see the results. Last night, I went to a bar not knowing it was college night, at a cute blonde asked me if I was in her History class (ok that last part isn’t true but you never know)
Thanks again Joy!! I’ll definitely be back. (Yelp 5 stars: Jon C. )

Upon entering Serenity Medspa the front desk girls are very pleasant and professional but right to the point I followed Joy Chintanaroad here for my procedure not only did she come very highly recommended she lived up to that recommendation and then some & I have to say honestly –
I will never go to anyone else again.
Joy is warm, very informative, and just all around knows her stuff.
She did EXACTLY what she said she would do, which was Botox, and froze exactly what she said she would freeze on my face.
Im super expressive and wanted to keep that about myself , and was very specific about where I wanted movement and where I did not, and she whole heartedly agreed and VOILA! ZAP! – a lovely smooth forehead with my signature  one eyebrow raise.
Your face is important, duh! and you should consider wisely where to go – Joy is an artist as far as Im concerned. Truly. Not only is she great at what she does – she really takes a minute to find out who YOU are too. I wouldn’t trust this mug to just anyone!! (Yelp 5 stars: Dawn H. )

Beautiful serene office, and great technique with the Botox administration. The cold air fan feels great and makes this the most comfortable Botox injections I have ever had! (Demandforce 5 stars: Candy S )

Dr. Lisa is the best.  I’ve been seeing her for years for botox and dysport injections and I’ve always been very happy with her work.  She’s excellent at what she does.  She and her staff are incredibly nice and efficient!! (Yelp 5 stars: Kate L.)


As always Dr. Lisa and her staff are always friendly and professional. I like that even though I’m on a budget Dr. Lisa never treats me differently , she just figured out what will work for me. The new location is beautiful. I also wanted to mention I just got filler for the first time and my friends all told me to prepare for bruising. There is none! Some swelling as expected but no bruising and I bruise really easily. Thank you Dr. Lisa! (Demandforce: Shawna W )

Thank you Nurse Joy to be so highly skilled, informative and nice! She is a real artist with fillers and Botox. I had great results and would recommend her skills to anyone who wants natural looking rejuvenation. (Yelp 5 stars: A. R. )

Serenity MedSpa is another place I go to for medical spa treatments. Great place to go to; it’s clean and spacious.
I’ve only been going to the Spa since 2011 but Dr. Lisa has captured my heart with her good bedside manner but more importantly with her expertise. Was always satisfied with her treatments except one instance where the procedure did not go well. It was for an under eye treatment (a very sensitive area). I had to go back for corrections but she was there for me to fix the problem.
I sincerely appreciate her hard work and dedication. “FIVE STARS” for Dr. Lisa Kang, board certified general surgeon and the founder of Serenity MedSpa in SF. (Yelp 5 stars: Nanette B. )

I went to Serenity to for my first procedure which was to have filler under my eyes.  I couldn’t believe how great of a job they did.  It was quick, painless and made a huge improvement in my appearance.
Not long after I went back for a second visit, Botox this time.  To reduce wrinkles in my forehead area and again it was quick, painless and a considerable reduction of lines and wrinkles in my face.  Dr. Lisa and her staff are great and I would highly recommend Serenity for any medical spa needs. (Yelp 5 stars: Kevin D. )

Laser Treatments

Dr. Lisa is a God-send…. From my personal point of view, I believe that she is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the San Francisco area.  She is very approachable and easy to talk to.  I was very impressed with her knowledge and her skills about cosmetic/plastic surgical procedures.  The level of care I received from her office made me felt compelled to want to share some of my experiences.  First and foremost, it was easy to book an appointment to see her or with her partner’s brother Dr. David Kang.  This office is very private, sleek, beautiful, and serene!  Everything was so elegant without being over the top. The receptionists are the nicest I’ve ever met!  When you get to meet with Dr. Lisa, she will put you at ease because she listens to her patients.  She took the time to explain the procedure very thoroughly and let you know what to expect during and after the procedure was done. I am extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend Dr. Lisa and Dr. David to everyone who wants to look years younger.  All of my procedures went smoothly and the results were fantastic!  I can’t thank them enough for making me feel so good and so beautiful inside and out!  Thank you again, Dr. Lisa, You Rock! (Yelp 5 stars: Moilan M. )  

I have been seeing Dr. Lisa Kang for several years for IPL treatments and have been very pleased with the results. In January, Dr. Lisa encouraged me to try a new laser treatment called Clear + Brilliant which is similar to the fraxel laser. Wow! After just 1 treatment there was noticeable improvement in skin texture and my skin tone was much brighter. So far I have had 2 treatments with this laser and I love it. There is minimal down time, day of treatment you look like you have a sunburn, but the next day your skin looks fine. In my opinion you should run, not walk to Serenity Medspa to try the new Clear + Brilliant laser treatment. (Yelp 5 stars: Susan K. )

Skin Tightening Treatments

Ulthera (Ultherapy) for my neck.
I was a bit nervous about coming in for this treatment because of some reviews I had read on line about the supposed intense levels of pain. I had a noticeable sagging spot and let’s just say the beginning of a non-ideal jaw line. I decided to try it, as I have had services with this Spa in the past and they have always provided me with great results.
I was told to come in with a full meal and to take 800 mg of ibuprofen. I did both of those things. I got in, and had some numbing cream applied to my neck, and waited about 30 minutes before I was called in for the treatment. I was also given a Vicodin for pain, and told the attendant they upset my stomach. She said “no problem, we have something for nausea” and that was that. No upset stomach.
This procedure had some discomfort, but pain is not the right word at ALL! A few intense moments, but all I did was breathe deep breathes and before something got too intense that step was over. It lasted for what seemed like 20-30 minutes and I was really anxious to see my neck once the procedure was completed. (I was told some people see a result immediately)
I definitely did, as a matter of fact most of the noticeable sag under my chin which was haunting me in photos and in the mirror was corrected after the treatment. My neckline looks and feel tighter and I can not wait for full results.
I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with this or similar issues. Next, I may go in for the eyes and face.
Serenity Med Spa is an updated and nice space with attentive staff and Lisa and David are both knowledgeable and don’t try to sell you on something if they don’t think it will work.
NO MORE SAGGY NECK! (Yelp 5 stars: Walter P. )


Laser Hair Removal

I had 3 laser hair removal sessions for underarms almost a year ago. Each session lasted about 10 minutes, so I was in and out almost in the blink of an eye! This worked great for me, I could stop by on my way between places. The waiting time was less than 5 mins each time. The staff was lovely and helpful. The location is super convenient, too. The spa looks stylish and clean.
My underarm hair is now minimal and slow to grow. I’ll be going back for another 3 sessions soon! (Yelp 5 stars: Mary C )

Used a groupon for laser hair removal and continue to get treatments here ever since. The machine that they use for the hair removal is almost completely painless.  I heard that older laser machines in other places hurt.  I can only say good things about this place and it is worth every penny. (Yelp 5 stars: Jennifer H. )

I’ve come here to get the laser hair removal, and im proud to say it works! ive had 6 treatments (recommended is 6-8) and i have almost no hair in my underarms! Staff is always friendly. I’ve had both doctors work on me (there not so chatty but the procedure literally takes a few mins) i’ve had a blonde nurse do a few treatments on me and she’s the best, very friendly super chatty! Wish i remembered her name but honestly she’s probably the only white girl there (everyones asian 🙂 ) i figured id give the place a review especially for people who want to know if the laser hair removal treatment works. WELL it does! painless, fast and simple!
Cost wise its pretty expensive! I would invest in a coupon if possible! (Yelp 5 stars: Denishia L. ) 

Body Contouring

Words alone cannot express how happy and excited I am that I have discovered Drs. Lisa and David Kang of Serenity MedSpa. I have prior experience with cosmetic services and am impressed with the attention to detail and patient comfort that they bring into their services. At Serenity MedSpa I experienced compassion, attention to detail and symmetry, pleasant help office staff and a warm relaxing environment. I am so pleased with my experience I’ve decided to continue using their services and recommend them to everyone I know. There approach is unlike any other – they quote you a fee which includes everything you need and refrain from placing any responsibility on the patient other than following their guidance and direction. San Francisco is lucky to have such a competent team offering services with excellent comfort and results. If you need or are interested in learning about Medial Spa or Cosmetic services I recommend that you head to Serenity MedSpa for an experience none can compare.
I return regularly for continued service because the range of offerings is very extensive. (Yelp 5 stars: Patricia L. ) 

HCG Weight Loss Program

I was weighed 240 and wore x-l clothes that were starting to get too small for me. I did their 6 week Hcg diet program and lost 40 ilbs. I’m very pleased with the result and now weigh 180. The diet requires dieting properly but realistically that’s ideal since this diet is to make you lose weight and improve your antioxidant levels. I would strongly recommend this diet though you must be very committed to this diet! Thank you medspa for your help. (Yelp 5 stars: Kevin K )

I recently completed a 40-Day HCG Diet program at Serenity MedSpa & had a 5+ Star experience all the way
From the moment I stepped in for my first appt and every visit since, I was warmly greeted, taken back almost immediately, all my questions were answered & I didn’t feel rushed, or hurried, or judged in any way.  My cellulite thanks you
Also have to give props b/c they worked w/ my schedule so I could start the program right away instead of going through a week-long recommended detox beforehand
Emails to the office or to Dr David directly were answered within hours – if not immediately & even though I tend to repeat myself & need things explained to me more than once, they consistently demonstrated the utmost patience
In my 3rd week of the program, I opted to also try out Zerona. I’d researched beforehand & there was overwhelming testimony stating it didn’t work but I thought why not at least give it a try…. result? I think it helped – I knew not to expect anything hugely drastic but I saw a slight difference. Was it the diet or Zerona? I’d like to think it was both!
Final weight loss after 40 days w/ NO CHEATING?? 23 lbs! … which is a bit more than I was advised to expect & who doesn’t like exceeding expectations?
This has by far been the easiest & most hassle-free diet program I’ve ever been on & I’ve already marked my calendar to return for a 2nd round…..b/c yes, I’m *that* slovenly (Yelp 5 stars: Adrienne G. )

This review is long overdue but there is a reason for this!  I was a patient at Serenity about 1.5 years ago and did the HCG diet there under medical supervision.  Around the time I was doing the diet I got into a LONG back and forth banter on Yelp about this diet and just felt it wrong to disclose to my haters where I was doing it.  I think enough time has passed where I can objectively review my experience.
So, I did the diet, all 41 days of it (I think it was either 41 or 43).  And it WORKED.  However it took a great deal of discipline and dedication on my part.  As I mentioned I was medically supervised by Dr. Lisa Kang and came in weekly for an assessment, vitamin B12 injections and a weight check.  Additionally, at my request I was prescribed a short term prescription of phentermine to help me jumpstart my first few weeks of eating such a low calorie diet.  Once you get passed the first week, you no longer need it.
My point however is not to go into the details of the diet.  The facility itself is beautiful and the staff are all friendly and pleasant to deal with.  Serenity has so many treatments, I felt like a kid in a candy store and this can be dangerous to an aging insecure single mother so it took discipline to stay on task and not purchase more than what I was there for.  I found Dr. Kang to be very sweet and easy to communicate with.  She was able to explain the diet and how it worked with ease and in the end was able to make me understand how such a low calorie diet actually can work in your favor with the HCG injections or pills.  Additionally, I appreciated the fact that she responded to all email questions the same day basically and has an online support/q & a group for all patients who are doing the diet.
All in all, my experience was great.  The weight stayed off and at the end of the day I hit my goal.  Again, it didn’t magically disappear…..I worked for it.  But sometimes paying for something and putting the extra effort into something is more motivating than calorie counting. (Yelp 5 stars: Nicole T. )

I’ve been coming here for over a year for the HCG weight loss cleanse. It has completely changed my life. I”ve tried all the fad diets and none have worked. I came here as a referrel and now I can say that because of my success, I am recommending everyone come here. Everybody that works there is always super friendly. The docotors are very informative and professional. I love it and will always be grateful to the staff at Serenity! (Yelp 5 stars: Amy E. )

Laser Tattoo Removal

I came here for laser tattoo removal and James have been exceptional. He is very knowledgable and experience in tattoo removal and provide customize treatment to help remove your tattoo as quick and painless as possible. (Yelp 5 stars: Chia T )

Have been coming here based on F’s recommendation to edit a tattoo.  James, my laser guy, is incredibly friendly, professional, and SKILLED!  At first, I was a bit peeved because I had to wait a long time, but I think that was a one-time thing.

You can come early for the numbing cream but I found that I didn’t really need it.  He explains the process super clearly and it’s just been super fast after the first go.  They just moved to a new locations that’s roomier and nicer!
Anyway, I see people coming here for a variety of needs, and I just appreciate the cleanliness, the airiness, and the hospitable touches. (Yelp 5 stars: Jun K)

For tattoo removal this place is awesome. I had a medium sized tattoo on my back so I met with James and he gave me the full rundown, how much each session would cost and how many sessions he thought would be needed. He was really accurate, my tattoo is practically gone in the amount of time he said it would take. As cost of the session is determined by size, sessions became cheaper as the tattoo got smaller. They give you the option of free numbing cream beforehand or simply ice. (Conor D. )

I think I’m a little late for this but I wanted to wait and see how it gets first. I had my first laser tattoo removal session with James a month and a half ago -i think- and it went really well. Yeah it was painful as hell but I believe the numbing cream and the ice packs helped. James was more than helpful, he was very professional from the beginning when I came in for a consultation. I checked out two other places before I decided to come in here and I don’t regret it. I am still wait(…)
James was exceptionally thorough and seemed experience. I consulted with a dermatologist the same day with a Pico laser and intended to go that route, but James’ attention to detail and experience has caused me to go with Serenity Med Spa for my tattoo removal.   (Demandforce: Emmanuel O)


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Lisa at Serenity Spa and James (TattooBeGoneSF)! This place is the best for all sorts of beauty treatments and tattoo removal! Dr. Lisa is a very patient, careful and talented doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great results in the wide range of treatments she offers at the Serenity Spa. The girls on the front desk deserve 10 stars as well as the nurses. Everyone is well-organized and professional and just very pleasant to deal with on all l(…) (Irina B. )

I had a really positive experience here – thank you for the awesome deals and service! (Leyla C. )

I’ve tried other MedSpas but I love Serenity the best.  I’ve been a loyal customer for the last few years.  I switched over to Serenity because their price point is reasonable and kind of a deal.  Getting an appointment is easy. The services are quick and painless, and the results are fantastic.  As an added bonus, Dr. Lisa is always kind.   It’s nice to have a service company I can always count on to deliver the same high quality of service every time for reasonable rates. (Wendy N. )

My appt was quick easy and painless. No waiting. They got me right in. Loved it will be going back as soon as I can. (Kelly M )

Very lovely new space on Post Street. The doctor I had was great. I will return! (Susan C )

Very professional staff. Convenient location via public transportation. Clean and relaxing space. Definitely recommend Serenity Medspa. (Anonymous )

Very swanky Med Spa I found thru Groupon. Always looking for good deals. Very attentive service and nice staff. Have and will go back again!! (Dawn Bazurto)

Quick, efficient and thorough! Felt very taken care of! (Candy S )

I am a retired Aesthetic Nurse who has worked for several Med Spas, as well as Plastic Surgeons. I was extremely impressed with Serenity on this, my first visit. The support staff were very personable and efficient. It was a breeze making and appointment and I was seen immediately, even though I had arrived late. The setting is gorgeous and the equipment all very State-of-the-Art. The Dr. was lovely, obviously very good, and you cannot beat the pricing! (Demandforce: Michelle L )

I love these guys, the staff is all darling, and efficient. They run a precise professional business. Everyone is very helpful and communicative. Beautiful and natural results is what they are so good at, and they have a great menu of services. It’s always a great spa day spent at Serenity med spa. Thank you for the many great years of wonderful work. (Demandforce 5 stars: Teri D )

They are exceptional, professional, caring, and patient. Dr. Lisa and Dr. David are simply OUTSTANDING! I have been going there for few years and will continue to go & refer everyone. I fully TRUST Dr. Lisa and Dr. David. They are very kind, caring experts… They are OUTSTANDING at what they do. They don’t push products at you, but they know their stuff and carry only the best products. Simply put this is THE PLACE TO GO and they are OUTSTANDING!!! Did I use the word OUTSTANDING enough 🙂 LOL I just don’t know how else to describe them 🙂 I referred many people there and they referred many others, all of them were very satisfied with the services they received… So if you are looking for a Med Spa this is it. (A.M.)

*Results May Vary
126 Post St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108