There’s No Shame in the Shave, Ladies

image02Let’s cut straight to the chase: plenty of women shave their face. And, to dispel the myth once and for all, it does NOT in any way make hair grow back coarser or darker.

If you’ve watched a YouTube makeup tutorial recently and noticed only smooth, glowing skin sans peach fuzz or cake-y foundation, chances are, your instructor is in on the secret.

The more elegant name for this quick and simple face-smoothing trick is dermaplaning, and it’s nothing short of amazing. When done by a trained clinician, the process thoroughly removes the light, vellus hairs on your face along with dead skin cells to unclog pores and reveal your youthful glow. Once you apply makeup to freshly dermaplaned skin, you’ll say goodbye to facial fuzz forever.

Even if you’re currently shaving your face with a very clean and very new razor that you’d otherwise use on your legs, dermaplaning is much more exfoliating and sanitary. Unlike slathering on shaving cream and using a regular razor, dermaplaning is done on clean, dry skin with a small, sterile, disposable scalpel. The clinician gently moves the blade in small, quick strokes over your entire face. Your skin will immediately appear brighter, smoother and more even-toned. And as a bonus, your eyebrows will look fuller and more defined too. Getting rid of all of those light hairs that surround them instantly enhances their natural shape. Ta da!

At Serenity MedSpa, we also offer our clients the Glowbiotics MD Probiotic Youth Boost as an add-on treatment right after dermaplaning to amplify and extend your results. Potent topical probiotic bioactives balance pH and microflora to support the skin’s protective barrier. You’ll see instant brightening and tightening while your skin gets healthier and stronger from the inside out. You can also couple dermaplaning with microneedling for even more dramatic, long-lasting results. (This has become one of our favorite anti-aging skin treatment combos. We seriously LOVE it and think you will too.)

So, now that the stigma has been officially lifted, what are you waiting for? Ditch the peach fuzz and put your smoothest face forward in 2017.

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